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Richard A Danzig

Welcome to Richard A Danzig's website, the author of the Chance Cormack series of legal thrillers. 

Facts are Stubborn Things

Richard A Danzig's Books

Facts are Stubborn Things

Meet Chance Cormack, a litigator, boxer and lapsed catholic who confronts hard facts about the law and himself when he agrees to represent a client in a divorce action. It is a story of corporate intrigue, international money laundering and corruption. Chance is forced to face a professional and personal crisis and learns that pride often goes before a fall.

The novel is the first in the series of Chance Cormack books.


Purchase the novel in e-book, softcover or hardcover form at

Facts are Stubborn Things is a gripping legal thriller that keeps you hooked until the end! Richard Danzig does a great job of creating suspense and tension, as well as exploring the themes of justice, loyalty and redemption. The book is well-written, fast-paced and entertaining. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good courtroom drama with a twist." - Russel

Reader Reviews

"If legal thrillers are your cup of tea, then don't waste a minute! Hurry and get your copy of "Facts Are Stubborn Things." You will be drawn into a world that you cannot tear yourself away from and you will find yourself wishing this book would never end. Bravo, this is quite the debut novel! So glad I came across it and can't wait for the next one" - Jill

"I challenge anyone who loves an intelligently crafted, multi-layered thriller to read the first three chapters of Facts are Stubborn Things and then just try to get on with your life! Richard A. Danzig has written a terrific book! His knowledge of the law, the court room and humanity is evident as is his love of music, boxing and history! He is a gifted writer who has managed to inhabit a complicated central character as he navigates a life jam packed with professional and personal challenges and contradictions." - Mary R

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